The Rumblings of Earthquakes

Stephen Redwood Plays, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Theatre Leave a Comment

Earthquakes rehearsals started today. I’ve got the usual jitters of starting rehearsals. It’s like eating loads of chocolate the night before and not being able to sleep, kind of Christmas Day excitement. 

This is a complicated show! There’s something like seventy characters and most of us are swapping and changing all over the place. Not only that, there’s loads of locations as well, so it’s using a moving van’s worth of furniture.

Director Mark Thomson (of the Edinburgh Lyceum – no pressure!) is being reassuring over the sheer enormity of ‘the beast’, and I’m sure we’ll pull off a fantastic show.

Mike Bartlett’s Earthquakes in London was originally a site specific show where the audience walked to each of the locations, before it moved into the Lyttelton Theatre at the National. And as we’re discovering, it has some hard hitting observations about climate change, the murkiness of politics, and Bartlett’s understanding of people not quite connecting to each other in their bid to survive.  The show goes up in June at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow, before moving all the way down South to the Cockpit Theatre in London. Thinking about it, that could be considered my first tour!

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