Opening Night: Earthquakes

Stephen Redwood Plays, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Leave a Comment

Yep it’s an opening night selfie from onstage. There’s an audience sitting just out of shot. We are supposed to do it, honest! As a passerby on Waterloo Bridge, Director Mark Thomson commenting on the rise of filming terrible events as a first reaction. This scene is when Freya is about to jump off and the passerbys film what’s going on and heckle her. I hope this is the worst of humanity depicted, but some members of the cast dos recount experiences where they had witnessed the same thing. 

Seeing as I’m writing this on my mobile, I’m feeling slightly guilty for my addiction to my phone, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t film a suicidal woman. Still, it can be interesting to imagine what kind of disconnect or justification would lead someone to do that.

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