The entire cast do McHugh’s inspired mix of salty-saucy humours proud

Mary Brennan, Scotland Herald

Stephen Redwood Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Theatre Leave a Comment

Working on Dick McWhittington at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, today we had a schools performance, which meant loads of excited local children yelling “Behind You!”, and booing our Queen Rat (Charlotte Driessler), while cheering on Dick McWhittington (Jacob Vigeland) and his cat, Kitty (Chloe-Ann Tylor). I’ve been getting to sing and dance my heart out – you can see the guys as ‘No Direction – Scotlands Most Unknown Boyband’, and just have a great time. It’s been an absolute joy watching so many children, with often their first experience of theatre, have such a great time – easily the most thrilling part of it all.

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