Stephen is an ‘award winning’ director, actor and writer.

Highlights of his work include playing Puck in the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream broadcast on BBC Radio 3 which was terrifyingly awesome, working with Daniel Portman in Reaper, taking Keep The Home Fires to the Edinburgh Fringe, voicing Kaylish in Paragon and devising with Graham McLaren on Kidnapped.

When not acting, he can be found on a trampoline, or halfway up a mountain and he relishes the challenge of learning something completely new.

He is a pianist and a proficient singer, often working in musical theatre as well as other stage work. He is an adept composer, writer and director, directing Charlie at the Edinburgh Student Theatre Festival which won the award for Best Performance, and transferred to Singapore and Melbourne. Yes, it’s not a Tony, but it still counts as an award!

He is a graduate of the Traverse Theatre’s Young Writers Program, Soho Young Playwrights and is currently part of the Book, Music and Lyrics musical theatre writing development program.

He trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, prior to which, he attended Guildford School of Acting on their foundation course. He is the Artistic Director of Crimson Phoenix, with which he produces new musicals and plays. He also assists the agents at Treehause. He inherited workaholicism from his parents 😉

He is a morning person, and he sings in the shower, which annoys his flatmates!